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  Spouse Name:    

                          SS#                       Drivers Lic#                     

 SS#                       Drivers Lic #                

SS#   Drivers Lic#



City, St, Zip: 

                                        Months at this address: 


                Months worked     Annual Income: 

Addr & Ph# 

 Spouse Employer  

                Months worked     Annual Income: 

 Addr & Ph#   

Prev  Addr:  

                     City, St, Zip:   

                                  Months at this address:


  Day  Phone #:   Area Code    

Cel  Phone:          

        Current Landlord:     Phone Number:   Rent Amt             

Previous  Landlord:               Phone Number:;   Rent Amt    


Housing Assist Voucher?    YesNo 

 Will other people occupy this unit with you? YesNo   


                                                                                                                                                             Do you have pets?    YesNo   

Total # of persons to reside in the unit?                Type,age,weight & total number of pets? 

List all other persons below                                                                         

Name                      age                      relationship   

   Name                           age                      relationship


    Credit References:    At least  2.                  You must have a major credit card and not have filed for bankruptcy

         Account Name:                           #                         Amt owed                       Monthly payment?

  Automobiles that you keep at this address are:..................License Plate # 's                                                                        

Closest  relative to contact in case of an emergency:

     Name                                                  Address:                                    Relationship                       Phone # :                             

     I  certify that I am moving from the above current address on good terms and have satisfied all of my lease requirements with my current landlord. I agree upon request to furnish a current credit report on myself and on any other persons named in the lease or that may be allowed to occupy the apt with me.  I agree upon request to furnish a current certification of clear criminal record at my own expense. I further authorize my employer to give out information required for this lease in regards to income, position, and time on the job.  I understand that any lease eventually granted may be voided at landlordís option if false statements or inaccuracies have been made on this application.  In the event the application is approved and applicant fails or refuses to enter into the contemplated lease, owner shall retain the said deposit as liquidated damages to cover the cost of taking and processing this application and removing the premises from the market and holding same for applicant. In the event this application is disapproved,or for any other reason for which owner is responsible the Lease Agreement is not consummated, this deposit will be returned to applicant.If a deposit is accepted it is with the understanding that should this application be denied for reasons of credit history, rental history, applicantís misstatement, or change of mind, that the deposit is forfeit

      By clicking "Submit"  below I agree that I am signing this application with the same effect as if I had done so in person, and agree to all electronic signature regulations. 

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